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Sunglasses's News

Posted by Sunglasses - September 22nd, 2016

I occassionsally dust off this page.

Posted by Sunglasses - November 6th, 2012

I promise to goof off and eat candy.

As President

Posted by Sunglasses - February 15th, 2012

I'll say it now, there are no sexytime stories in here, ask for those in PM.

I registered here in 2006, 6 years ago, I was 14. Life was simpler, and I didn't have a care in the world unless it was about how much porn I had saved on my PC.

Fast forward to 2012.
The past six years have been full 'o shit. Age 14 was meh, 15 I got a small job doing general labor for under the table pay, 16 was when the fun shit as well as the dumb shit started.

14 (2006): The only things worth noting here are: My NG signup, and I was the first asswipe in my highschool to have a facebook page, and I noticed my knack for drawing.

15 (2007): I got a job, it was this: Do what the owner of these houses told me to do. Be that mowing the lawn, replacing the roof, whatever, I had experience with it all due to my dad teaching me a large chunk of it. The only things I couldn't do were things that required certifications for.

16 (2008): This age was Meh up until I got my driver's license, then suddenly I was awesome. It was also at this age I got my first car, a 1979 Camaro. Unlike most kids this age, I had the money to buy this on my own from it's last owner, a whopping $1500. My hair was quite long at this point in time (the mane about 10 inches) and I was known throughout my highschool for it. I believe this was also when I started Photoshopping like fucking crazy on the BBS (those active from 07 to 09 should know what I'm saying). I think this was when I posted on the BBS my involvement the furry fandumb (yes I said dumb, butthurt furs go home). I also took up vehicle mechanics as a side hobby that proved out useful for whenever a family member's car broke down. This was also the year I put down the pencil for drawing for reasons I don't want to dig up, Photoshop however, is still a-go. I had also picked up The Orange Box for PC, thus marking my love of guys in HEV suits with crowbars and TF2.

17 (2009): Armed with a license, car, and job (complete with flexible as fuck hours for school), I was on top of the world...mostly. It was this age I was enrolled into the Marine Corps Delayed Entry Program (meaning there was a spot reserved for me after I finished highschool), more on this later. It was during this age that I had discovered that I really don't really care for most people.The fun stuff outweighed this however. I went to see Megadeth at The Rave in Wisconsin during their Endgame tour, and almost did a swan dive off a balcony onto Dave Mustaine. I also became very active in the Lake Area Furry Friends group, going to the monthly bowling meet and getting signed on to a newsletter. I think it was June I started collecting records, specifically: Iron Maiden records, I'm not going to trail off and say "durr records iz betterz" because it's music I like, no matter the medium it's played on. Because of this, my music taste has expanded significantly, and I will give most anything a listen...except for dubstep, that's just music with 4 layers of unneeded bass added to it.

18 (2010): 18...yeah. Truly, the only perks of this age were: Porn without getting in trouble, I could finally go to conventions, and I could stop hiding some of the things I was doing from my parents (such as my lavish sex life, see the top if you want to hear them). I was at the point where I was fed up with school all together, whereas most drop out, I took the rest of what I needed on the internet (well, I was at the school's building, just in a room all day doing courses), and thus finished about 6 months before everyone else. Loads of time on my hand meant more work, and I loved every second of it. Since I finished around January 28th or so, I was already 18, and ready to take on the world, and did just that. I went to my first Fur Con (Furry Weekend Atlanta, the theme was Carnivale), and got to see one of my favorite artists, Jay Naylor, in person, but I never got the chance to talk to him since his girlfriend was with the guest of honor. It was after said convention that I broke up with my at the time boyfriend (yes, I'm bisexual), and it turned violent in the end, he fears me to this day apparently. When August rolled around, I went to bootcamp. 3 months later I was given the title of US Marine, a title which I still hold today.

2011 (19): After the basic stuff from January to Mid-March, I got my second vehicle: a 2002 Monte Carlo. Aside from some family drama (mom nearly dying, and then seemingly everyone in my family loosing their fucking minds) everything was mostly calm. My cat, who was 10 years old, died of kidney failure, and I won't lie, I cried like bitch when they euthanized him. I've since been to nearly every place worth being in California, and I want to get out of this state ASA fucking P.

2012 (20): Not much thus far, aside from finding out I'm headed to North Carolina in March (Tom, you and the rest of NG staff might get a visit from me should I get some leave time).

So, if the world does end this year, I can say I feel I've done some things at least.

Pic: None because things are being retarded and won't upload pics...

Posted by Sunglasses - February 12th, 2012

They kept my sig, but I had to re-up my profile image...

Picture doesn't matter, as per usual.


Posted by Sunglasses - December 30th, 2011


Posted by Sunglasses - April 11th, 2011

In August of 2010, I joined the Marine Corps. Thus explaining my disappearance.

Active duty keeps me more than busy. So now those countless fuckers who asked me, I'm not dead, just busy as all hell.

...........pic for old times sake.

I'm Sunglasses and I think you outta know this...

Posted by Sunglasses - March 13th, 2010

3/13/06 was the day I signed this account up.

Here's to many more years to come.

Posted by Sunglasses - March 3rd, 2010

33...now how many until 34?

Level Up

Posted by Sunglasses - February 22nd, 2010

Someone has recruited me for vocal duty on a demo they plan on putting out.

The good thing about the song they want me to sing is there's no falsettos (I have to work on my falsetto range). I've also been stuck with engineering/production of said song, so whatever I want goes.

That being said, one of them knows I can listen to a song and memorize it beat by beat (down to the last guitar note). I don't think they'll be happy when they find out what I'll do if something's off though.

It's gonna be fun.

Song they want \/

/* */

Posted by Sunglasses - February 17th, 2010

apparently haunted. However, we found out something: I seem to scare it away.

The story goes: While I was at school, the cats were acting weird, and noises like doors opening and closer were heard. But once I came home, the cats were acting normal, and all door noises stopped.

tl;dr: I scare ghosts away.