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I went off and somehow became an adult with responsibilities and shit.

Good god looking back here brings back some cringe feelings. But I guess that's part of the learning process.

The last update into my life was in 2012. That's a big time frame, but I'll condense it.

2012 to 2014: Finished the active duty portion of my time in the Marine Corps, inactive duty was finished in 2018. My time in was not a happy one and I'll say no further, it's finished.

Mid-2014: Head first dive back into civilian/normal life, this period was a rough one for about the first month as I also took this time to move away from my parents to be "on my own", lived with roommates and still am, but it's down to just one. Bit of context for the next bit: I'm pansexual but prefer to identify as bisexual. This helped tremendously with my mental health, because I was around people who were actually okay with me exploring my sexuality. The very same people helped me cope with the emotional whiplash that came with both the transition back to a "normal" life and actually figuring out what I wanted in relationships. It's worth noting that with the exception of my brother, everyone I've lived with thus far has been furries.

2015: The best thing thus far happened to me during this year, I adopted a Husky mix named Mongo. The rest of the year was uneventful.iu_143579_1517668.jpg

2016: This year was eventful for a few reasons. I moved out into a house with my at the time boyfriend. However, as with any relationship you learn to compromise and tolerate one another. This wasn't the case in the end and eventually the relationship was ended. After that was over, he moved out and I was once again with multiple roommates. This was also the year I got the funds together and got a fursuit. As you can see by the badge, I prefer to go by Anthrax now, I may update this on here.iu_143580_1517668.jpg

2017: This year was...unique, I started with me quitting the job I had and going back to the previous one for mental health reasons. I moved away from my roommates who had since turned toxic and in with someone who knew how to keep up with my bullshit, my brother. At the end of the year I had a blunder with friends and it really put me in a dark depressive episode that lasted until spring of 2018.

2018: Starting the year in a depressive state wasn't the best starting point. My routine became monotonous and I wanted nothing to do with anyone. The only one that kept me going was Mongo. In the spring some friends of friends reached out to me and they helped me get out of the funk I was in. Since then the issues have been resolved and friendships patched. In the summer I started my current job and while it's not prefect, it pay the bills.

2019: This year...this fucking year...Early winter, I wrecked my truck from sliding on an icy road. I still have this truck and it's been parked since two weeks after the accident. It can still move, but the brakes and blown and the intake gaskets have melted. I got a newer truck of the same line from a friend who was selling his. Then February happened. I wish it didn't. I lost my best friend. That wasn't all this god forsaken year had in store. In June my aunt died. To add insult to this all, my grandpa was diagnosed with lung cancer. This is all I'm saying about this the year.

2020: This misfire of a year knew exactly where to kick. In February grandpa died. That's three deaths in less than a year for anyone morbidly keeping track. Then the virus happened. While I haven't personally lost anyone to it yet, everyday has proven that something bonkers will happen regardless. I haven't lost work from anything, but being "essential" to my employer just means profiting off working us to the ends of our sanity.

Now we're here in present day. I've been keeping busy when not at work by fixing vehicles and doing home improvements. I don't know what made me feel like checking Newgrounds. Possibly a subconscious dig at nostalgia.

Whatever the reason, I'm here for hopefully longer than a moment,


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