Another Visit To The Doctor

2008-01-12 00:11:42 by Sunglasses

Yes sir, only this is no regular doctor visit.

I have to go in to get an Electroencephalography (EEG for those who don't know it) done. I have to get to bed at midnight (my time), and get up at 4:00 in the morning on a fucking Saturday. On top of that, I can't eat anything until after the appointment (which is at about 10 am). I can drink stuff, but no stimulants.

I've gone in for this before, but it's usually on a week day, which pisses me off they chose to have it on a Saturday.

I guess when I wake up, I'll just sit down and read some more of the Transmetropolitan comics I got my hands on (it's a badass comic, I recommend you read it).

Another Visit To The Doctor


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2008-01-15 13:26:28

Poor kitty :(


2010-06-21 09:44:43

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